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Research concept

Chemical design of nanostructured materials for precise structural control is the main strategic concept.
Nanostructures of various kinds (nano-size particles, nanoscopic domain, nano pore, etc.) have been designed through
solution based chemistry. In addition, mechanochemistry and solid-state reactions have been utilized.

Research topics
Energy issue 
Environmental issues 
Other issues
Research concepts

Nanoarchitectonics of
hybrids materials
Morphosynthesis of functional
nanomaterials from nano for biomedi-
cal and optical application to macro
for chemical application
Coating with silica and other oxides,
possible organic modification,
both porous and dense on flat devices
and powders (oxides, metals, carbons
and polymers) thickness from
a few nm to micron
Nanoarchitectonics through Organic
Modification of Oxide Based Layered
Materials; Concepts, Methods and
Modification and application
of geo-materials
Hybrids composed of shape defined
nanofiller and controlled orientation
and isolation
Research Targets
Molecular recognition for
separation and reaction
Photocatalyst from nanostructured
Novel Pigment Design
supported by NRCT
Photochromics For
smart materials
Functional coating
based on nanoparticles
and hybrids

Since 1989 - 2021

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Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science
and Technology (VISTEC)
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