Research targets

Molecular recognition

1. Molecular recognition for separation and reaction!

1.  By T. Okada, Y. Ide, and M. Ogawa
“Organic-inorganic hybrids based on ultrathin oxide layers-Designed nanostructures for molecular recognition” Chemistry –Asian Journal., 7, 1980 (2012).
2.   By A Phuekphong, K Imwiset, M Ogawa
“Designing nanoarchitecture for environmental remediation based on the clay minerals as building block”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 122888 (2020)

2. Photocatalyst from nanostructured titania/titanates


Novel Pigment Design
3. Novel Pigment Design (supported by NRCT)


4. Photochromisms For smart materials

Materials are based on natural dyes (biological origin) and nanospace materials (geological origins)

“Photochromic Intercalation Compounds” Okada T., Sohmiya M. and Ogawa M. Struct. Bond., 177-212 (2015).

“Photofunctions of dye-clay hybrids; recent developments”, Yamaguchi, T. Oh, J.-M. Ogawa, M.. Struct Bond. (2020)


Functional coating based
5. Functional coating based on nanoparticles and hybrids

Organic and inorganic polymers, and biopolymers with nanosheet, nanofiber and other nanoobjects

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